Training for participation in Russian tendersв

Training for participation in Russian tenders

We conduct individual training for employees of companies participating or planning to participate in tender procedures for 223-FL and 44-FL.

As a result of the training, your employees will receive knowledge about all key nuances of successful participation in state and corporate procurement of Russian customers.

  • Algorithm for search and monitoring of purchases corresponding to the specifics of the procurement participant's activity
  • Paper and electronic procurement
  • Review of notification and procurement documentation
  • Request for clarification of documentation
  • Procurement regulations as the main document regulating the customer's procurement activities
  • Nuances of preparation of bids for participation in procurement procedures and common mistakes of participants
  • Participation in the procurement of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Appeal against customer actions
  • Planned changes in legislation
  • And other important aspects of participation in tenders, as well as answers to questions.
  • Phone: 8 800 200-49-19


    You can get more information about the program and all the nuances of the training by phone, e-mail or through the feedback form.

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