Services on 223-FL

Services on 223-FL
  • Training of customer's personnel in procurement
  • Examination and optimization of procurement activities
  • Consulting support on all issues related to procurement
  • Development or revision of Procurement's regulation
  • Assistance in the formation of the plans
  • Full cycle of preparation and conduct of procurement procedures, including in electronic form
  • Assistance in obtaining of digital signature, registration in the UIS, accreditation on electronic trading platforms
  • Annual statutory audit — carrying out of open competition in accordance with the 307-FL
  • Preparation of protocols
  • The choice of optimal method of procurement
  • Verification of technical specifications
  • Development and examination of contracts
  • Preparation of documentation, placement of announcements in the UIS, ETP
  • Expert evaluation of bids
  • Placement of information about the contract on the official website of UIS
  • Reporting about procurement's results
  • НDirection to the Contract's register of information about the conclusion, amendment, performance and termination of contracts
  • Preparation of objections and responses to complaints, litigation, representation of interests in Federal Antimonopoly service and other organizations
  • Support of the procurement for customers which have a duty to procurement from SMEs in accordance with the government resolution 1352 dated 11.12.2014
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