Procurement preparation and support through tenders

    For the procurement of goods, works, services with optimal value for money, tender procedures are traditionally carried out throughout the world. If you, as the owner or head of a foreign business in Russia, are looking for ways to increase the profitability of your business and reduce expenses, first of all you need to consider this particular possibility.

    Advantages of tendering:

  • Selection of the best products available on the market
  • Ability to dictate terms to suppliers
  • Significant savings in financial resources
  • Increase in revenue of profit share
  • The opportunity to develop new areas of activity at the expense of the obtained savings
  • If you plan to build or create a new production in Russia, it is the tenders that will allow you to organize an effective process of purchasing construction materials, equipment and components for the timely delivery of the facility and its launch

    Our services are:
  • Development of internal standards and preparation of the necessary regulatory documents in accordance with the legislation
  • Analysis of the needs of the organization

  • Preparation of a draft procurement plan
  • En uygun satın alma yöntemini seçilmesi
  • Select the most appropriate purchasing method
  • Preparation of procurement documents
  • Development and launch of an electronic trading platform for a specific organization or selection of an existing electronic platform
  • Procurement procedures (tender, auction, competitive negotiations)
  • Control at all stages of delivery of goods, performance of works, provision of services