For Government customers

For Government customers
    Company "Corporation of procurement" is a specialized organization and provides services in accordance with Federal law 44 for state and municipal customers. We provide a professional support at all stages of the procurement proceedings in accordance with the 44 law. If necessary, we'll take the organization of procurement in accordance with Federal law 44 turnkey. In particular, we can offer you the following support:
  • Services of a specialized organization on 44 FL
  • Optimization of procurement
  • Detailed advice to government clients on 44-FL
  • Provision of services for drafting of local legal acts of the customer (the order on establishment and regulations of the procurement commission, the order on creation of the contract service etc.)
  • Preparation of procurement plan and schedule in accordance with 44 FL
  • Justification of initial (maximum) contract price
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Elaboration of procurement documentation in accordance with 44 law and other laws and regulations
  • Examination of applications for participation in the public procurement
  • Legal analysis of procurement documentations
  • Collecting of commercial proposals
  • Justification for the choice of procurement method
  • Development, revision of contracts 44 FL
  • Preparation of protocols
  • The analysis of equivalence
  • Assistance in the preparation of reports about the procurement of goods, works and services from small businesses and socially oriented non-profit organizations
  • Assistance in the preparation of reports on implementation, alteration or termination of contracts
  • Placement of information in the Unified information system
  • An open competition for the purchase of services for the statutory audit of accounting (financial) statements in accordance with 307 FL
  • Protection of the interests in the control bodies
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